The source of our 40 years of knowledge and experience is our interest in human health and quality of life. "First interest, then knowledge."
Pharmacist Cahit Selimoğlu

Casel İlaç was founded in 1983 by Pharmacist Cahit Selimoğlu.

Our founder, Pharmacist Cahit Selimoğlu, started his career in 1965 with Şifa Pharmacy, the second pharmacy in Ağrı, after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University. Two years later, he started Derman Pharmacy with his wife, Pharmacist Ülkü Selimoğlu.

Establishing Huzur Pharmaceutical Warehouse in Istanbul in 1978, Pharmacist Cahit Selimoğlu, who continued his way in the sector with drug distribution activities, established Casel İlaç by taking over the drug licenses of Güray Pharmaceuticals Laboratory in 1983.

Between 1983 and 2001, sales and marketing activities were carried out for the pharmacies within the hospitals.

Concentrating on OTC group products in parallel with the developments in the pharmaceutical industry, Casel İlaç has offered different and innovative products to the market since the beginning of 2008, within the framework of agreements made within this scope.

Continuing to serve in its new administration building in Esenyurt since 2009, Casel İlaç established its own production facility in 2016 and started the production of food supplements and dermocosmetic products.

Being the Turkey distributor of Breathe Right products, which became the market leader in the world’s nasal strips category in 2021, Casel İlaç produces nearly 300 products in different categories such as cosmetics, food supplements, herbal oil, soap and shampoo in its own production facilities by 2022.


By giving importance to human health and quality of life, Casel İlaç offers innovative products and solutions to the service of humanity and the health sector, within the framework of its policies of respect for nature and the environment. Always adopting change and development as a principle since its establishment, Casel İlaç aims at the highest standards of service for humanity and nature with its social responsibility awareness.

Casel İlaç aims to climb to the top of the sector by constantly offering innovative products and solutions to the market in the upcoming periods. Adhering to the principle of entrepreneurship, Casel İlaç, which takes a new path every day, is constantly progressing and growing. Its greatest support for progress and growth comes from his passion to succeed.

  • Importance given to human health and quality of life
  • “Quality service” philosophy
  • Reliability
  • Passion for success
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Change and development
  • Ethical working understanding
  • Respect for nature and environment
  • Respect for future generations

Our Brands

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

With the awareness of serving in the health sector and operating by giving importance to social, cultural and ethical values, Casel İlaç has adopted the principle of informing sector stakeholders about its products and services accurately and clearly. Casel İlaç is open to developing joint social responsibility projects with various associations and organizations in order to contribute to humanity and the world we live in.  

Respect for Nature and Environment

Within the framework of its policies of respect for nature and the environment, Casel İlaç gives the necessary importance to nature and the environment by working in accordance with waste regulations.  

Respect for Future Generations

With the awareness of the change, development and added value that better educated generations will create in our country, there are various scholarship and internship opportunities within the company.
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